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Let Graphics Load

This was on Letterman on 9/21/01. Thought you might get a kick out of it: TOP TEN MAGICIAN PET PEEVES

10. Stores who don't accept change pulled from people's ears
9. You've got a cold and all your handkerchiefs keep turning into doves
8. When plumber says, "You're the magician, you unclog it"
7. Due to screw up at magic shop you pull a rabbi out of your hat
6. It's lonely on the road and most nights you end up "palming it"
5. Two words: cape rash

4. You mumble, "Abracadabra" in your sleep -- when you wake up your furniture is gone
3. Accidentally saw one woman in half and you're suspended
2. When you do your mind-reading trick, all you seem to get is "Magicians suck"
1. Your girlfriend leaves you for a magician with a bigger wand

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