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He rises early in the day,
And works around the clock.
You see him in the afternoon,
On any city block

His shield is small and light in weight.
He wears it on his chest,
Above his heart, reminding him,
Of his own valiant quest
He catches many criminals
That may sell drugs or steal,
And does his best to put away
The ones that maim and kill.

And on the scene of tragedy,
The first one that arrives
Is he, who's left to gather up
What's left of shattered lives.
But often his is spit upon,
And finds himself despised.

His good deeds go unnoticed,
And he's rarely recognized.
He doesn't seek the laud or praise
That he may well deserve.
So greet him with a smile today
As you are going past.
Remembering, each day he knows
This day may be his last.

He is the brave blue warrior,
No matter what you see,
A sentry guard, a mortal angel,
Watching you and me.....

by: Robin Gray Edwards 112/21/95

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