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 © by Janet Vittorio Corica

Dedicated to all the angelic heroes of the World Trade Building, New York City Firemen, Policemen, Paramedics and all who so unselfishly did their part that fateful morning of September 11, 2001.

      Majestic towers rising,
  Into a New York sky,
      The bustling city wakens,
      The building rises high!

      So many workers rushing,
      And now to work they tend,
      They do not know in seconds,
      Their lives are sure to end!

      Two jet planes rushing forward,
      Two crashes, one by one,
      A pair of flaming fireballs,
      A nightmare has begun!

      And in the street, a witness,
      On cell phone does relay,
      "Oh, no, oh God, a jet plane,
      It crashed," he's heard to say!

      The drama keeps unfolding,
      As crowds in disbelief,
      Cry out and clasp each other,
      Their cries are rife with grief!

      Split seconds now, they're crumbling,
      The mammoth structures crash,
      Like cookies, down they tumble,
      And countless bodies thrash!

      The concrete dust was spreading,
      Like eerie choking smoke,
      And people standing nearby,
      Now wore a whitish cloak,
      'Twas then the sirens howled,

      And helpers soon arrived,
      A silent prayer was whispered,
      And hope for those survived.

      They rushed the darkened stairwells,
      They knew the danger there,
      But many trapped lay waiting,
      There was no time to spare!

      So, up rushed New York's finest,
      Our heroes, brave and strong,
      So many lives lay waiting,
      They knew what could go wrong!

      Though danger was their consort,
      They knew the dues so well,
      So many times before this,
      They'd tread the bowels of Hell.

      TWO HUNDRED PLUS surged forward,
      Up darkened stairs they burst,
      How could they know this morning,
      This day would be their worst?

A deafening crash envelopes,
      And walls slide into floors,
      And soon two well-known towers,
      Begin the War of Wars!

      Oh God, the buckling remnants,
      Too much for one to see,
      Are standing in a heap now,
      Far as the eye can see!

      Bent steel, exploding windows,
      Bystanders scream and run,
      And thousands crushed inside now,
      Dust rises towards the sun!

      A President must flee, too,
      Strategic plans were laid,
      He speeds to safe command posts,
      Offensive plans are weighed!

      The media is busy,
      Reporting all they know,
      Of men from far off places,
      Who dealt this crushing blow!

      All day, a public listens,
      And prays, with hope for news,
      "Dear Lord, oh what has happened?
      This we CANNOT excuse!"

      Into the night they follow,
      They listen and they view,
      The news gets grim and sadder,
      Survivors are too few!

      Two days have passed since T-Day,
      Twin Towers are no more,
      Across the land, our flags fly,
      From East to Western shore!

      America, the greatest,
      The LAND OF PEACE stands proud,
      We pray now in great numbers,
      We join the growing crowd!

      We stand here now, undaunted,
      Terror can't make us fold,
      For we're the greatest country,
      To have, to love, to hold!

      A loving God loves freedom,
      He proved that with free choice!
      Americans, stand tall now,

      Pray now, for our own leader,
      His saddened heart to mend,
      And ask that in this troubled time,
      This evil he'll transcend!

      Remember now our heroes,
      Who fought to make us free,
      In all the wars in past years,
      We pray, no World War III!


                                              To President George W. Bush, Governor George E. Pataki, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, the citizens of New York State and all dedicated fellow Americans everywhere!       We're proud to be Americans and live in the world's strongest nation, where, in spite of this, we exhibit compassion towards all!       In future years, may all humans, EVERYWHERE, be compelled to realize that we share just one planet, and because of this, PEACE is the one and only way!


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