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The music you are hearing is "Rally Round the Flag"   

Dedicated this day to all our wonderful American boys,who may be called to defend the principles,which we,in the USA,hold so dear,life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


               by Janet Vittorio Corica

   © Sept. 16, 2001


           Won't you rally round the flag, my boys,
     Hold your head up high,
     It stands for freedom,
     And, I'm here to tell you why!

                  From the Civil war, that first sad time,
     Where this great cry began,
     They knew it then, my boys,
     That we can!

            Red stripes that stand for bloodshed,
      And I say white for peace,
      Stars that stand for glory,
      And states will not cease!

                 We can rid the world of tyrants, boys,
      Those who'd ban our views,
      Banding all together,
      We know we can't lose!!!!!!!

                Won't you rally 'round the flag, my boys,
            She has served us well,
            Symbol of our freedom,
            Over hill and every dell!

                   We have taken in oppressed souls,
          Yearning to be free,
          They've come 'cross oceans,
          Over land and sea.

                    And, as I sing this song, boys,
          I'll go on bended knee,
          Pray the Lord to keep you,
          Both here and 'oer the sea!

             Won't you rally 'round the flag, my boys,
         Know you're in our hearts,
         Loving you and this great land,
         'Til death do part!

      Make us proud, my boys!  Each and every one of you belong to me in a very special way. We share a love of the same land, we treasure it, from shore to shore.    You are my fellow Americans and in my own way, I love you all, each and every one! God bless!


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