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by Janet Vittorio Corica

In keeping with the rallying cry of Keep America Strong, I offer my latest. Please sing it in a silent prayer, should you be so inclined. My apologies to other religions. I know only mine. But as some of you know, I have friends of other religions online and hold you very dear to my heart!

A song of hope,
That's what we sing,
On this a day of war,
We persevere, we toil on,
Let mercy protect our shores!

Our prayer spans wide,
Across our land,
From oceans East to West,
And here we stand, the USA,
With freedom we are blessed

We raise our torch,
For all to see,
Across a saddened globe,
While agents of intelligence,
Do sift and call and probe.

We'll get these men,
For what they've done,
They've trampled on our peace,
They've hit at everything we love,
We'll get them piece by piece!

These somber days
Are felt by all,
We join in silent prayer,
Our spangled banners we lift high,
Our grief and love we share!

Determined now,
We'll all press forth,
And deep within our hearts,
We'll join in solidarity,
Before more teardrops start!

Unto the earth,
Commit our dead,
And ease our aching souls,
We know full well there'll be revenge Our battle cry will toll!

We shall not rest, America,
'Til safe our country lies,
Until a calm and peacefulness,
Abounds our glorious skies!

Amazing land so green,so grand,
We stand and raise a cheer,
We're proud to be American,
'Til death we hold you dear!

This land of gently waving wheat,
Of mountains capped with snow,
Of oceans lapping at our shores,
Where glinting rivers flow!

All nestled here,we sing as one,
Our sad hearts fill with pride,
Because we know that freedom rings,
It cannot be denied!

Now,as we close our mournful song,
We send a message far,
The USA still stands for peace,
And that war cannot mar!!!!!!!!!!!

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