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When I was 5 I couldnıt wait,
To be a bigger kid, so I could be 8.

When I was 12, I thought I wasnıt alive, until I was 16 and could learn how to drive.

When I was 18, I wanted to drink and have fun, so I couldnıt wait to be 21.

When I was in my 20ıs, I wanted to wed, so I could raise a family before I was dead.

When I was in my 30ıs, I couldnıt wait, till my kids would grow up and go out on dates.

I lived through my 40ıs, then I hit 55.

Iım very thankful that Iım still alive. If I make it to 60, Iıll probably say, I wonder if Iıll hit 70 someday?

If I get into my 80ıs, I might have a hunch, whether or not Iıll make it to lunch.

If I make it to 90, Iıll probably say, I wonder if I should buy green bananas today?

If I make it to 100, with all my aches and pains. Iıll probably want to go back to being 5 again.

@kacee 2000

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